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Host Printing Standard 4300-0021

DTS Technology Standard 4300-0021

Status: Approved and Revised June 22, 2011
Effective Date: June 30, 2011
Next Review Date: June 2012
Sponsor: ARB
Approved By: Architecture Review Board Stephen Fletcher, CIO

Using a common approach for agency printing to shared printer resources ensures a more consistent and cost effective approach for internal users seeking seeking access to shared printing resources, and the periodic need for open network users (e.g. CapNet) to also have controlled and secure access to printers.

The standards for host printing access from network devices to shared, hosted printers on the State trusted network include the following:

  • iPrint 5.64 or greater which is the preferred method for sharing access to printer resources.
  • Direct IP mapping to printing devices on an exception basis, and in cooperation with LAN administrative staff.

Printing from other types of mobile devices, or non-state equipment of any kind, requires authentication for access to printing resources. Some designated printer resources should be available and configured for printing from authenticated mobile devices in agency locations.

The Department of Technology services is charged in Utah Code 63F-1-104 et seq with the overall responsibility for defining technology standards. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has rule making and policy making authority for technology standards and practices for the Executive Branch agencies as specified in Utah Code 63F-1-206 et seq, with the exception of those agencies exempted in Utah Code 63F-1-102.

IPrint services will be upgraded to the most current version as specified in this standard. Direct mapping for open network users may be accommodated as needed in cooperation with LAN administrative staff.

Changes and Revisions
Suggestions for changes, revisions, and additions to this document are encouraged. This standards document will be subject to review and revision six months from the initial date of publication, and every six months thereafter. Suggestions for changes, additions, or revisions may be e-mailed to the Architecture Review Board ( at any time. Change recommendations will follow approved processes for enterprise standards approval and changes.

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Posted On: March 12, 2016